Thursday, April 29, 2010

Work From the 2424 Show

Today was the de-install of my show up at the 2424 gallery. It was easy and very straight-forward.   Since the work is now down I can post the pictures of what I've really been doing the last few months. im going to try and keep it to only three pictures per piece.

The Invasion of East Texas
I showed an updated version of the same piece i posted before. For the show the work was standing in a pool of oil

Backwoods Engineering
This is another updated piece with new legs and an environment.

The Skeletons of Old Industry Will Become the Framework for the New Order
What Are We Going To Do When the Trees Are Gone?
This is the first new piece, mostly just based off an idea of a lumberjack having to resort to chopping down oil derricks because there are no more trees.

Stands for Advanced Labor and Farming Ready Efficiency Droid.

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